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Bespoke Solutions
IT - Business - Design


Networking, Wi-Fi & CCTV

All-in-one network infrastructures tailored to specific home or business needs including robust uninterrupted Wi-Fi throughout with integrated, scalable & expandable video surveillance solutions.


The process may include designing & creating custom wiring harnesses, mounts, poles etc. including careful modification of elements & environments in order to create high quality finishes for all our installations.

Utilising the latest Ubiquiti products, providing unparalleled performance & flexibility with comprehensive feature-sets. (Including some of the latest high-end speciality devices such as the UniFi Dream Wall, AI 360 & AI Theta devices.)

Homelabs, network infrastructure & Wi-Fi, video surveillance & selected smart home accessories.

About us

Born from the established & trusted company of D. Gerlag & Sons. Gerlag-Artisans expands the service offerings with its own unique brand identity & portfolio of expertise, whilst maintaining the fundamental values & principles that DGS was founded upon.


Upholding a passion for excellence, providing quality workmanship & innovative solutions will always be the foundation of our work

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Johannesburg South Africa
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